Nikki Sixx

Found some time to finish up Nikki Sixx’s latest book This Is Gonna Hurt over the holiday weekend. I had about 50 pages done from a battle with boredom about two weeks ago and decided to fight it out again and just finish the book before I forgot everything I read 13 days ago.

Having read The Dirt and Heroin Diaries one would most likely expect more stories of booze, drugs, and women. That’s not the case. He talks about one woman for the last third of the book – Kat Von D. Other than that, there are no stories of smearing burritos on his junk, being legally dead for X amount of time, groupies and toothpaste tubes, or beating up one armed men. He does slip in a bit about a “certain singer from a certain band” (Sully Erna) and takes the high road in that middle school style drama.

It’s a motivational book. That’s the one thing I took away from it. Stay motivated, work hard, and good things will come your way. After I read it I started working on writing liners and putting some imaging together for the station – on a Sunday night. Consider it a Red Bull with a side of 5 Hour Energy.

Another good thing – it is a quick read. There are a lot of interesting photos. In this case interesting means “people that are deformed in some way being photographed to make it look like a horror circus”. You’ll find yourself wondering how on Earth Sixx found these creatures. He talked about the photography in my interview with him from a couple months back:

Check out this book. If nothing else, it will get you off your ass for a couple minutes. Looking for more drugs and booze? At the rate Sixx is going he’ll have 15 more books out by the end of the year.

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