In Flames

Some interviews in radio go well and some go horribly wrong or never happen at all. When one of the people I’ve listened to my entire life is calling in it’s tempting to go total fanboy on them. “Dude, I listened to your music when I was doing this, doing that blah blah blah”. It’s hard not to do that. I’ve had that feeling swell up a few times in my career; interviews with Corey Taylor, Rob Trujillo, Wayne Static, Dave Mustaine and this chat with Anders Friden from In Flames.

There would have been more times like that, but some rock stars are so full of themselves when they’re doing annoying phoners into radio stations that they don’t really answer any questions or become conversational. I’m always afraid that the guys I’ve looked up to for so long are going to be complete assholes on the phone. I don’t want the music to sound worse to me because the guy singing it was a jerk. I hope that doesn’t happen, but more times than most – it does.

Anders was really good. Great interview. He talked about all sorts of things, even topics he didn’t want to talk about he touched on a bit. He knows that is the stuff people want to know about. I can still listen to In Flames and say Anders Friden is a bad ass!

And thanks to for picking up the interview. Read their write-up HERE.

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