AC/DC and Metallica = 1 Band

AC/DC and Metallica are two of the most iconic rock bands of all time. Depending on the person putting the list together each could be listed as the BEST of all time. The two bands share more than just success. If you look closer you see that AC/DC and Metallica are pretty much the same band. One just plays more solos. The other; power chords.

Both sing about weather:

The biggest song from Razor’s Edge and one of the highlights of Varsity Blues was “Thunderstruck” from AC/DC. And every 1st grader knows you can’t have thunder without lightning! In comes Metallica with “Ride the Lightning”, known for being very popular in Texas. And yes, Metallica’s weather song came before AC/DC’s. They even stay true to the order of Mother Nature.

Both like to sing about colors:

There’s a reason that black seems to be the color of rock music. AC/DC sang “Back in Black” to show they were really back… in black. Metallica wrote “Fade to Black” about being depressed and suicidal. No common ground there, but they both mention a color. Metallica even threw in “Blackened” to make things a little more interesing.

Both like to sing about bells:

“For Whom the Bell Tolls” was stolen from Ernest Hemingway but “Hells Bells” was completely original. Somehow they’ve taken Bells and turned them into sounds of the devil. The devil must sound pretty good!

Both have albums named after the color black:

Technically, this is correct. Metallica’s self titled album is called the “black album” and has sold over 22 million copies since its release 20 years ago. That’s over a million copies a year… pretty good numbers. AC/DC’s most successful album also had black in the name – Back in Black. Something about the color black, I guess.

Both were enormously successful following a band member’s death:

Bon Scott’s death preceded the release of Back in Black. Rumor has it there are tapes of him singing some songs on those albums. I’ve never heard any, but I would love to see what he did with Shook or the title track. On the Metallica side, they recruited Jason Newstead to fill in on the bass following Cliff Burton’s death. They released …And Justice For All then broke records with the Black Album.

Both now have Monopoly themed games:

Yes, both of them have playable board games.

Both have personalized Guitar Hero style video games:

Kids everywhere that don’t want to take the time to learn a couple power chords love these. AC/DC and Metallica make it easy for their fans to play the songs that made them famous.. and rich. Just another revenue flow to add to the piles of money in the driveways of the Hetfield and Young estates.

There’s the plan! Start a band, write songs about the color black, bells, and weather patterns, kill a band member, put black in an album name, then just collect the paychecks from all the games.

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