Whoa. What happened to the last 8 months?

August flew by and I really didn’t have any time to blink. There is new audio up in the AUDIO section of the site; both on-air and production. All of the airchecks are aimed at the active rock audience. I’ll have to put up a different section of the site for other formats of radio soon.

I did some major video work this month. My YouTube page is HERE. There are also some posted in the VIDEO section. I feel like video will eventually save the radio star – and so does Morris Communications. My KCLB Backstage series is now being used as a template for online content throughout the company.

My Top 10 Cult Bands article for was a huge success. It was primarily meant to serve as a battle ground between the die hards of each of the mentioned artists’ followings. Spike comment board and social media interaction was the ultimate goal, and it was achieved! Most comments pointed out the incompetence of the writer, what bands should have been included, and the type of punishments he and should endure. At least they’re reading, right?

Looking forward to a packed September! I plan on restructuring the audio page soon. There’s a lot of audio that I want to post but I don’t want a heaping list of clickable speakers. Put that at #587 on the list of things to accomplish this month. Remember, “busy is a choice”.

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