What If Cobain Didn’t Die?

Nirvana’s Nevermind turned 20 years old on Saturday. Not only did it change the rock game, but it changed the way people spell “never mind”. It’s two words people! But what would have become of possibly the most influential band in the last 30 years if Kurt Cobain wouldn’t have killed himself? More albums? More tours? Maybe a dubstep remix of “Polly”?

No. They would have broken up. Dave Grohl has a new biography coming out soon where he explains that he actually quit the band in 1993 because he felt Nirvana was divided into two groups. Cobain and Courtney Love – then Grohl and Krist Novoselic. He also says that Cobain had been talking about him behind his back. Saying he was a terrible drummer and should play more like Mudhoney drummer Dan Peters. Wouldn’t that suck if your boss kept on saying you should be more like the guy that had your job right before you?

Grohl was fed up. He said he always felt like Nirvana wasn’t his band and he was just along for the ride. Dave Grohl would have quit and most likely had a very successful career. Maybe not as sexy of a career as he’s had with Foo Fighters but he wouldn’t be buying Ramen noodles. Kurt Cobain would have taken Nirvana in a weird direction. Maybe a guest appearance by Courtney Love or an album of David Bowie covers with only a didgeridoo on the tracks. One thing is for sure: we wouldn’t be praising Nirvana as much as we do today. People become way better at their craft once they die.

Nirvana today would sound as weird as this Lou Reed Metallica song.

I compare it to a Ricky Williams photography trip in India. Kurt would have done something like that. Nirvana’s fate would have been the same. A broken band. We’ll never know for sure because Cobain was a junkie that took the easy way out with one pull of a trigger.

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