More Production!

TONS of production the last two weeks. I love Halloween because I can put together some really dark and creepy pieces of imaging. It’s the appeal of the “scary” stuff – when you go to Disneyland the line to Pirates of the Caribbean is always the longest. The Dumbo ride… not so much. People like scary. This Halloween promo is one of my favorites (I’m the Goblin and Demon voice!)

Our morning show did something cool to poke fun at all of the “Rocktober” promotions – Socktober. We’re having a big bash at the end of the month and this is what I came up with for produced mentions: (anytime I can fit Springsteen in a promo it’s a win!)

Our producer for KKUU was out this week so I stepped in to produce a promo.

If you ask me this “70’s at 7” promo below for KDGL is one of the best things I’ve put together.

Making our stations sound better tomorrow every single day.

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