New Production

November has been busy! The holiday season always brings the need for specialty imaging and unique promos. Here are two promos for Classic Hits KDGL.

In the bustle of all the imaging I’m producing I will occasionally produce my own sound effects. Looking for a good Turkey FX? Feel free to steal this:

KCLB is sending a couple listeners to San Francisco to see Metallica. It was actually very difficult for me to finally settle on a version of this that made me happy. The same thing happened when I produced a promo for a Miami Dolphins game – there were so many songs/clips I wanted to include. It was a task just weeding out the stuff that didn’t fit. The contest goes along with our “Movember” cause. As an airstaff we’ve raised over $1000 for male cancer research. All Access made note, read that HERE

I’ve also started a project of incorporating more Listener drops into KCLB’s sound. Recording people at remotes will now be a top priority!

Some of those listeners can be heard in the liners I produced for Veterans Day. We have a thriving Marine Corps base down the road and this was a big day for our brand.

On a personal level – I took 22nd out of over 900 people in the 26th Annual Tram Road Challenge. 3.7 miles uphill! I’ve done a lot of races but this is one of the toughest and most satisfying. I’ve done it two years in a row and knocked 4+ minutes off my time this year.

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