Guns N’ Roses Tickets

I gave away tickets to see Guns N’ Roses at the Forum on December 21st this week. I did it two different ways that I thought would stick in the brains more than the typical “hey call now”.

Since GNR is usually late – I saw how long people would wait. Two guys were put on hold to see who could stay on the line the longest. It lasted two hours when I was able to talk one off the line. Here is the cut up audio:

I also did a “band initial” contest. Know the bands that go by intials. The stupid jingle you hear was made about ten minutes before I went on the air:

The contests don’t seem like much but I got a tweet from the official Guns N’ Roses Twitter page for it! That basically makes me and Slash best friends right? Even though he isn’t in the band anymore and the band doesn’t control the Twitter I still believe that.

On the production side – I am the annoying turkey and fat family in these sweeps for KCLB:

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