Holy sh*t it’s December. I still haven’t fulfilled my New Years resolution of growing a beard but maybe I set my goals too high. Start small; I’ll settle for hitting face puberty in 2012.

November was crazy – I was producing like a mad man and even had time to come up with some of my own sound effects. Below are the Christmas themed FX:

And here are the generic pieces:

Some highlights from November on the afternoon show at 93.7 KCLB:

Some of the best promos from the month:

While producing for hours on top of more hours I lose my mind a bit. I produced these skits for Christmas. Not sure how I’m going to use them but they’ll get on the air somehow since my annual “Pedophile Santa” bit doesn’t seem to be too timely. I do the voices and all the sound effects and music is mine.

If you would like any sound effects or station specific stuff I could help with – please email to and I’d be more than happy to help!

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