I hate writing my own bio. For a website such as this, one would normally write “I’m the hardest working person I know” or some other filler statements usually found on resumés. How do I tell my own story without talking myself up so much it all seems fake? I don’t know.

In all reality, I would hate to be the hardest working person I know or be the best at my craft. What is the motivation after you reach the top? I thrive knowing there is always someone out there putting in the extra time and busting their ass to be better than me. It’s personal. In the state of media today (especially radio) we’re not only competing against the guys across the street, but the guys across the internet. If I stop working for one second I know somebody else is posting a blog, editing a video, booking interviews, gathering show content, designing a website, or putting together a Top 10 quality piece of imaging. That’s why I don’t understand the egos sometimes found in radio. If I thought I were better than anyone I would never get better. Where’s the fun in that?

I started at Cumulus Kalamazoo interning for WRKR and WKFR; remote set up and tear down, filing, all the stuff we had to do in the beginning. Eventually Jay Deacon, the then PD of WRKR, got sick of me begging to get on the air and gave in. I started working some weekend air shifts and eventually became the prime choice for weekday fill ins.

WZUU had an opening for their night shift and I once again hounded the PD, this time Todd Overhuel, enough to put me on the microphone full time. The only thing that I didn’t like about the time I spent at The ZUU was the nickname that I was forced to use. I won’t mention it here – but if you sniff the internet enough you’ll find a whiff of that crap. After we dropped our syndicated morning show and bumped our afternoons to mornings I took over the PM Drive position. In about a month I was imaging the whole station as well.

There was a problem – I was still broke. I tried using my humor in writing to make some cash and ended up writing some pieces for for some extra money. I also noticed an opening for an Active Rock station on the West Coast. This time the target of the email slaughter was Jen Shevlin, Program Director of 93.7 KCLB Rocks. I got the gig doing afternoons and production, 6 months in I was promoted to Music Director, 6 months after that I was bumped to Assistant Program Director, and now I’m imaging, writing promos, writing copy, you name a hat – I’m wearing it.

All that said, I know there is someone on this rock getting their show ready for tomorrow and this bio isn’t going to help my Cume. I just hope you read this whole thing because chances are I just flew right by you.


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