Kevin Conklin 10 Questions on AllAccess

A number of my interviews have been posted on music news websites such as Blabbermouth, Ultimate-Guitar, and AntiMusic.

“Metallica To Work With Rick Rubin” 
Blabbermouth: “METALLICA To Re-Team With Producer RICK RUBIN For Next Album, Says Bassist”
Ultimate-Guitar: “Metallica to work with Rick Rubin again”
AntiMusic: “Metallica Looking Ahead At Next Album and Another Possible Big 4 Show

“Rise Against vs. Megadeth”
Blabbermouth: “Did RISE AGAINST ‘Borrow’ MEGADETH’s Album Title?”
Ultimate-Guitar: “Rise Against Named ‘Endgame’ After Megadeth Album?”

“Mustaine says Endgame is better than Death Magnetic
Blabbermouth: “MEGADETH’s MUSTAINE Says ‘Endgame’ Is Better Than METALLICA’s ‘Death Magnetic'”
Ultimate-Guitar: “‘Endgame’ Is Better Than Metallica’s ‘Death Magnetic’



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